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Trucks & Trailers - Miscellaneous

Location: Springville, California

SOLD! "1989 Featherlite Gooseneck - 4 Draft Horse head to head"

Price: $8995

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OK so maybe we were a little ambitious.

We bought this back when we bought the horses, a couple of years back. You know, back when my husband said, “Let’s get you a horse” to me, his new bride, with neither of us knowing the first thing about horses other than I love them, and rode anything I could throw a leg over back when I was a kid.

Somehow we got all worked up over draft horses and bought a couple of Shires. Big colossal beauties that were supposed to be the foundation of a herd, because we’d found out they were endangered and thought, “heck yeah, let’s breed those!” Well, one of those girls came down with a terminal case of stupid, proving a horse can actually break a leg when out in a big open pasture. The other, we wound up selling out of sheer heartbreak. Now we’re all focused on ponies. Dales Ponies. Also endangered, but a lot smaller.

So what in the world do we need with a giant 1989 Featherlite trailer meant for DRAFT horses? I ask you, is any Dales – all of 14 hands high, EVER going to need 7’1” clearance? Without the partitions you could fit a herd of the things in there.

I don’t know what we were thinking. A four horse, head to head with room for a WAGON yet. Good grief. We’ve yet to figure out how to drive a horse anywhere. On the other hand, they’re driving us straight to the poorhouse.

Now I’m telling it to you straight, we paid way too much for this thing. We didn’t know any better, and were so enamored with the idea of having a four horse hitch that we jumped right in, waved cash around and said, “hey, why don’t we give you money for that”. Didn’t even bargain. Can you tell we’re greenhorns at this whole thing? Well, we’re not going to even try to recoup that loss. That’s just embarrassing and we’re not shysters even if most horse people look at breeders as if they’re trying to pull a fast one on you (we’re not. Really we’re not).

So how about this…I’ll tell you all the flaws, be just out and out honest, and you tell me if you can live with this.

The last owner couldn’t drive worth spit. Or at least he sure couldn’t park the thing. We’ve got crumpled fenders like you wouldn’t believe. Now my husband used to drive a semi, so when he saw this he about died laughing, to think anyone could manage to mangle a gooseneck so bad. I’ll send you some pictures if you ask, but they don’t interfere any with the driving, thank God. At least all the tires have been checked recently. We’ve got tread so fine a penny will stand up in them! (Now don’t even ask me…that was my husband’s doing, putting that penny there. I think it’s to prove a point of some sort.)

Now we don’t have a spare. I don’t know what happened to it. It just up and walked away or something. I think it got lost in the move, though I’ve yet to figure out how in the world that happened. We really haven’t used it more than a couple of times – and that was mostly when we were moving out to California and we wound up using it to haul…well some of our worldly goods. The horses we had professionally shipped. We didn’t know the first thing about taking 9 horses on a 1,200-mile road trip and that didn’t seem the right time to start.

We did use it though this summer when we needed to evacuate the horses out of the way when the Pier Fire out here in Springville CA came just about breathing down our necks. (And don’t you tell me that fires don’t breathe, you ain’t seen anything until you watch that cascade of orange/red/yellow flames come tumbling down a mountainside devouring everything in its path. If that ain’t alive, I’ll eat my hat.)

The bad thing is, the stallion took offense to the smoke and flames and went a little crazy on the loading. He put a nice crack in the rubber on the ramp, but thank God almighty that those metal floors are sound. Banged around enough though. Enough that when we finally unloaded him we found he’d somehow managed to break the center partition on the rear stalls. Now we’ve either got to find a welder to fix that stupid hinge point, or you can just take it and make it a project of your own. I’m plenty mad about it. Everything was removable. Center partitions, dividers, the works. He didn’t need to go on breaking it like that.

No, what really got my goat is that our Buttercup had to cause problems as well. I guess she’s a stress eater, because as we moved out of the smoke to safety she took a bite out of one of those breast/bumper pads. You know, the kind with the pipe in the middle, and now I’ve got one more reason to drop the price.

Did I mention the floor was solid as they come?

So here we are. The tack room is a nice size – there’s even an old mattress thrown up in the gooseneck part, that’s plenty enough space for anyone who wants a place to crash and isn’t too worried about the amenities. Lots of room for saddles and all manner of gear. Overall this was a pretty nice trailer back when it was new, and still is a pretty solid investment if you’ve got drafts and need something to move them around. Maybe you’ve got that four-horse hitch.

Still don’t know why we paid what we did. We musta had sunstroke or something. I’m telling you, that four horse hitch…sigh…

In the meantime, we need something more pony-sized. I’d be happy with a two or three horse trailer. Maybe a slant, Maybe just a bumper pull. I might even consider a trade if you throw enough cash in there to make it interesting. Otherwise I’d be hoping to get about $8,995 out of it, but am open to negotiations. You don’t want to know what we paid.

As a side note, we’ve already seen every scammer out there, so right now I have to firm on this. IF YOU CAN’T COME TO SEE THE TRAILER OR SEND SOMEONE OUT TO SEE IT, FORGET IT!

Besides, the trailer is worth the trip.

So, what do you say? Anyone want to buy a trailer?

The gist of it, for all you TL/DR folks out there:

1989 Featherlite Gooseneck
Four DRAFT horse head to head
Ramp for loading
Room for a wagon
Removable center partitions
7’1” interior clearance for those really big horses
Each stall is 41” wide and 6’6” long
Interior length 23’6”
(so doing the math, that’s about 10 feet in the middle for the wagon)
Three side doors – two with a ramp for the equines, one more human-sized
Rear door width – 76”
Tack Room with saddle racks and tack hooks
Interior and Exterior lights all work

Price: $8,995 or best offer

Please call or text. If I don't answer, then leave a message as I'm probably working. I have a crazy schedule, and will then call you back as quick as I can.

For more information contact:

Kristine Hansen
Shiredale Legacy Ranch
Springville, California 93265
Phone 7193389436

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