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Harness - Miscellaneous

Location: Cameron, Texas

"Biothane work harness' - cob sized pony"

Price: $450

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Come with:
- single lines
- collar
- collar pad
- shaft loops
- all stainless steel fittings, heel chains, and clips.

We have 100's of items for sale on our farm website, 

We are selling our sustainable farm and almost everything on the farm.  Posted below is the equine section on our website as I have cataloged thus far.  We can  ship.

Twitch with chain $4.50
Twitch, all metal $7.00
Men’s all leather chaps custom by Don Gonzales $1000.00
Oster Golden A5 2 speed clippers $65.00
Snake away vibrating stakes. Priced by the each $10.00 ea
Saddle bags $15.00
2 Face Feed sack, priced by the each $5.00
Clipmaster horse clippers $120.00
Pioneer tool box green $35.00
Pioneer tool box silver $35.00 ea
Crosby saddle wide tree, stirrups and leathers sold separately $450.00
Crosby saddle medium tree, stirrups and leathers sold separately $450.00
4 split leather back & rim field collars range 15", 17", and (2) 20" (new price is $136.35) $60.00 ea our price
3 Pony collar pads (14” wholesale price $13.50 / retail price $18.23). Priced by the each. $7.00 ea our price
2 collar pads (22” new price$18.50 / retail price is $24.98) $10.00 ea our price
2 TrailMax Saddle Panniers (new price $89.95). Priced by the each. $50.00 ea our price
Horse picket Hobble set kit: Cotton Picket rope, picket, hobble (new price $90) $45.00
Draft size wagon pole attachment part, 45-1/2” $25.00
2 metal single trees $10.00 ea
Cart shafts steel (new wood are $88/set)  $40.00
English Jumping saddle pad, extra thick $10.00
Team Play polo book $25.00
Hobbles, thick leather NEW (new price is $40) $20.00 ea our price
2 pairs, 3 legged Hobbles, nylon (new price is $41) Priced by the each $20.00
Rope Hobbles ($36 new price) $16.00
Western horse bridle headstall w/o bit $10.00
2 Davis Hoof Boots (new price is $30). Priced by the each $15.00
Hackamore with a headstall ($40 new) $15.00
2 Drop nose bands. Priced by the each. $10.00
Nosebands: standard. Priced by the each. $10.00
Western string girth, pony ($11 new) $5.50
Western horse neoprene girth $10.00
Ring side reins with elastic ($23 new price) $10.00
English Jumping fleece saddle pad $5.00
English string girth, horse ($28 new price) $10.00
English dressage girth, white $10.00
English brown nylon with elastic girth $10.00
English stirrups.  Priced by the set. $5.00
The knot eliminator by weaver leather - red 4”x4” (new price $11.51) $5.75
Stirrup leathers, by the set.  Price by the set. $5.00
Anti grazing muzzle $1.00
Pony 6”x17” Parade Pad ($11 new price) $5.00
Plastic and Rubber feed buckets (new price $10.64 - 10.99) $5.00
Draft Cart Loops with belly band (new price $36) $18.00
Pony Cart loops with belly band and back saddle    $20.00
Draft belly band for cart loops $9.00
many Single Cart Loop (new $9.10 each). Sold by the each. $4.50
1 Single Cart Loop leather $5.00
Pony belly band with cart loops (new $29) $14.50
Pony back band for cart loops $7.25
Haflinger Belly band with cart loops (new $34) $17.00
Haflinger Belly band $9.00
Stainless conway buckles (1/2” $0.42 ea - 1” $0.68 ea) $0.30
Stainless snaps (5/8’ $1.50 ea - 1 1/2” $2.20 ea) $1.00
Throat latch ($4.50 wholesale price/$6 retail price) $2.25
Horse / Pony Brow band $3.00
2 Ring Spreader ($4.50 new price) $2.25
pony choke strap with breast strap and snaps $12.00
3 Used halters. sold by the each $3.00
2 end pieces for team lines (the rein part) $15.00
Float for water trough, black and red $3.00
2 Float balls for water troughs, priced by the each $1.00

For more information contact:

Ben & Alysha Godfrey
Sand Creek Farm
1552 CR 267
Cameron, Texas 76520
Phone 979-220-7908

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